The partnership

CIVIC will be implemented through a synergic work of 5 partners from 5 EU countries. All the organizations have housing experience in active inclusion processes and protection of rights, in both national and international networks.

GEMS NI is a company limited by guarantee and registered charity/social enterprise organisation. Since our launch in 2002 we developed and delivered best practice in employability/employment services and are recognised as delivering excellence in IAG and VET and our development of models of best practice in employability interventions that support long-term unemployed/economically inactive people and in particular marginalized and disadvantaged groups including lone parents, migrants, young people who are NEET, older people, people with disabilities, homeless people, people vulnerable to mental ill health and those with addictions.

GEMS NI is committed to bringing "people to jobs and jobs to people”


UPH Vrapče provides inpatient mental health care for 7000 patients a year and outpatient treatments for users mostly from Zagreb and surroundings (0,8M).

With about 700 employees (among them 60 psychiatrists, 8 psychologists, 8 social workers, 2 social pedagogues, and 260 nurses), UPH Vrapče is an integral part of Croatian health care system; the care is free of charge for the users, covered by a state-owned insurance company.

The owner of the UPH Vrapče is Zagreb City, which provides the continuity of financing of various programs if needed, and supports the hospital’s infrastructural enhancements.


DESINCOOP is a services’ provider cooperative, established in 2005.

Its mission is to provide services in the areas of economic, social, educational and cultural initiatives through innovative solutions that meet the needs of its territory, its Cooperators and collaborators and its final beneficiary are people at risk of social exclusion because of their ethnic origin, age, gender and/or disability.

The main activities are studies, consultancy, training, elaboration of projects, support for the creation and operation of Proximity Services, social and cultural interventions in the community, based on the two Desincoop’ pillars: defense of human rights and sustainable development.


Epioni is a non-profit organization which is governed by its Board of Directors, supported by a Scientific Committee and an Audit Committee.

Our services include information and experience sharing on good practices, providing carers with practical advice and emotional support.

We also strive to help service users identify and utilize available resources from their local communities. In order to further promote and realize our vision for informal carers in Greece.
EPIONI is also actively involved in promoting key policy changes through government legislation.


The Local Health Unit Roma 2 (ASL Roma 2) is a public socio-sanitary organization that has been operating since 1980 to achieve improvement in citizens’ health within its socio-environmental context. To satisfy citizens’ health needs, especially those of the vulnerable population, ASL ROMA2 guarantees community and hospital assistance.

Within ASL ROMA2, the Mental Health Department (DSM) represents the agency responsible for programming, coordinating and implementing mental health interventions of the adult population.

ASL ROMA2 territory lays on the city of Rome, with an extension of circa 466 square kilometers, equal to 36% of the whole territory and has a resident population of 1.300.000 inhabitants equal to 45% of the total residents.


SIRP aims to promote personal, social and professional rehabilitation of people with psychosocial disabilities and improve their and their families quality of life, within the entire territory of Lazio Region.

This purpose is pursued through studies, activities, dissemination and exchange of knowledge and experience, sponsorship, encouragement of legislative and health policy initiatives.

SIRP establishes and maintains collaborative networks with other organisations, public bodies, national and international voluntary entities for the achievement of its social purposes.


The Hellenic Centre of Mental Hygiene and Research (EKEPSYE) is a Private Legal Body which is funded and supervised by the Greek Ministry of Health. It is headquartered in the centre of Athens, Greece. EKEPSYE was established in 1956 and it played a significant role in the Greek Psychiatric Reform. It is the largest provider of outpatient mental health services for children and adults in Greece.

It provides outpatient mental health services to children and adults in 8 Mental Health Centres throughout Greece. EKEPSYE has also one Day-Centre for patients with Mental Retardation and Autistic Disorders. In addition to its outpatient services, it includes 3 Hostels for patients with severe mental health disorders. The Centre has 177 employees and its centres are receiving 20.000 patients visits annually. EKEPSYE is a voting member at the World Federation of Mental Health.

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