What is the CIVIC project

CIVIC project is a bridge between the training Curriculum for social inclusion of people with experience of severe mental issues, produced by the "HERO. Housing: an educational European ROad towards civil rights "[n. 2016‐1 ‐ IT02 ‐ KA204‐024078] - and the development of increasingly inclusive communities.

In CIVIC "Housing" is intended as a system of social facilities in a network of human relations in a safe neighbourhood. It is a community-based strategy used to allow the transition from aid to inclusion.
CIVIC aims to make the access to education on Housing easier for Local Communities.

CIVIC’s main goals are:

  • Expanding and supporting the diffusion of the training Curriculum on housing and mental health, for local communities.
  • Increasing networks for non-formal learning in supported Housing
  • Identifying social and civic skills in housing pathways
  • Collecting and sharing solutions for housing problems.

By sharing good practices and the training carried out in CIVIC, we will produce two outputs:

  1. Tutorial of the HERO training Curriculum for inclusive local communities
  2. Booklet "What to do in case of ..." providing ideas, suggestions, solutions for housing.

CIVIC will be implemented through a synergic work of 5 partners from 5 EU countries. All organizations have housing experience in active inclusion processes and protection of rights, in both national and international networks. Four target groups, which represent local communities were identified:

  1. mental health service users and their families,
  2. mental health service professionals,
  3. professionals from other agencies (schools, employment offices)
  4. citizens (neighbours, volunteers).

CIVIC will be implemented through:

  • Meetings for sharing objectives, information on housing, updating activities (TPM). They’ll start with an Introductory Session, to which the hosting partner will invite 3-5 people from the target groups, to share housing stories by those directly involved.
  • Training/learning activities among the partners(C1-C2): milestones for the CIVIC outputs. The first on the training Curriculum, developed in the previous HERO project. The second, on solutions to housing problems. Each partner will train the others to deal with specific housing issues starting by their knowhow on supported housing, mental health, community based approach, human rights, non-formal education, social skills.
  • Each partner will be engaged in information and dissemination activities, in the fine-tuning of outputs, reporting and monitoring activities, throughout the life of the project. The project is based on the exchange of good “housing and inclusion” practices, on comparison of problems faced and solutions implemented, on work methodologies such as: goal- setting, coproduction, storytelling, brainstorming, learning by experience.

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